FAQs Answered By Our DJs

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where’s the best place for online support here if I can’t find out my answer here.
Go to “Account” then click the chat button in the bottom right hand corner. You will then be able to interact with our FAQ centre.

2. What does HQA mean underneath the track title?
HQA means highest quality We always aim for 320kbps but on occasions lower bitrate versions are the only ones released by producers. We would still like to give you the choice to be able to download it.

3. I have not yet received my verification email, what should i do?
Please check your spam/junk folder it may of ended up in there. Be aware that there can be a delay so please be patient. On some occasions emails to Hotmail accounts can take a while longer. If it is not there within an hour please contact us via our online chat.

4. How do I verify my email?
Once you sign up for a free guest account you will receive a welcome email from us, If you can’t see it in your main inbox then please check your spam/junk. Within that email you will find a link to verify your account then you will be on your way.

5. How do I reset my password?
To reset your password simply enter anything in the password field and click go. You will then get a link to resent your password come up on the screen. Click the link to rest your password.

6. I am a guest but can no longer preview tracks. Is this right?
You get a limited time to preview tracks. There is a timer at the top of the screen. To play full tracks and download click to upgrade and pick a subscription.

7. How do I create a guest account?
You can create a guest account by clicking the create a guest account button on the home page then fill in the required details.

8. Can I see the site without paying?
Yes, you can sign up to a free guest account, where you can see the layout of the site and what we offer.

9. What Genre’s do you have?
We have three main Genre’s, which are Club, Commercial and Urban and we offer flip edits, transitions, acapella's (ins and out), instrumental’s, mashups and much more in all three genres.

10. Can I hear the content on the site without subscribing to a membership?
Yes, new guest accounts allow this for the first hour. Also you can follow us on Social Media, where we produce daily content showing our music, new releases, offers and upcoming folders.

11. The payment is showing as taken on my bank but I don't have access
If an error such as the wrong last three digits of the security code are entered the charge may temporarily appear as pending on your statement before being removed. If you have any issues you can contact your bank for further help.

12. How Do I Choose Not To Renew My Account?
In your most recent subscription confirmation / Upgrade Subscription email there is a button where you can cancel your membership. Once you have cancelled your account by following the cancellation procedure you will be sent an email letting you know that your subscription is cancelled. Please note it must be the most recent subscription/upgrade confirmation email that you will need to use. If you can’t see the email in your inbox check your Junk/Spam. If you need further help or want your email resent please use the chat button on the site select “paid member” and then "Cancel Account" Then "How do I cancel" Then follow the instructions.

13. I'm having issues with paying with my Revolut/Monzo/Pre Paid Card
Companies like Revolut & Monzo will show the payment as pending even if there is an issue with the payment like maybe the wrong postcode/EIRcode/Zip code. This is down to the way the bank works rather than us. If there is a pending transaction and it did not go through then Revolut will credit it back, Please check their terms.

14. How much music is added per week?
Each week we aim to upload at least 300 tracks, every Thursday at 6PM.

15. Why are mass downloads not working/turned off?
Sometimes due to demand on the site the mass download feature needs to be turned off. This is to make sure you have a better experience when using the site. You can still add tracks to your basket and then go to the basket and download tracks individually.

16. Why can’t I access Billy Da Kid, Tom Barker 70s & 80s, TMU, TMU Beatgrid Acapella, Glenn D, Tech House, Rick Live's Garage, 90s, Drum & Bass Or The TikTok Weekend Essentials folders?
You will be able to have access on your second months subscription to the further 9 folders including 100s more remixes.

17. Why do the preview tracks sometimes not show the best part of a transition/wordplay or tone play?
Our preview for guests (paying subscribers get to play full tracks) is automated to play 1:45 of a track. Unfortunately we don’t choose what part it plays.

18. Sometimes my tracks won't download, What could this be?
If a track shows as being downloaded on your account but is not on your computer it is best to try a different browser. If you still have issues go to My Account then click download history and try and re download from there. Failing that you can click the chat bubble for assistance under my account.

19. My Zip file failed. Is there a way I can get it again.
If your Zip file fails then you can go straight back to your empty basket and re download the file. This is only held for a short time and will only re download your most recent file. If too much time has past you can go to “My Account” the. “Download History” and you will be able to re download the tracks individually.

20. Do downloads carry over each month?
No, we cannot carry over any unused downloads. The download limit resets every 30 days from when your subscription started.

21. How much is the subscription.
We offer 4 subscription options - Standard is £20 recurring monthly payment (First month is £9.99 for new customers!) downloads limited to 150 per month. Pro is £60 upfront payment for the first 3 months, a £20 recurring monthly payment starts after 3 months, downloads limited to 500 per month. Yearly (Limited) is £180, Full access to the site with 1000 downloads a month (resets monthly) and the subscription does not automatically renew. Yeary (UNLIMITED) £240, Full access to the site with unlimited downloads. Subscription can be cancelled at any time.

22. I can't find the ZIp folder i downloaded to my computer. How can i find it.
Our Zip folders will have themashup followed by a combination of letters and numbers. If you search "themashup" on your computer it should bring up the Zip folder/folders you have downloaded.

23. How do "Bolt ons" work?
You can add downloads to your account by buying a bolt on. This is 75 downloads for £9.99 Whilst your account is active the bolt on downloads will be used first before your normal downloads. If you cancel your account whilst you have a bolt on in place you will not be able to use them after your account finishes. If you sign back up again the bolt on you had will re appear.

24. How can I get my edits on TheMashup?
You can submit all edits to our email (submissions@themashup.co.uk) someone from the team will try and listen and give some feedback (Please note that due to high demand we can’t always reply back to every submission but we will try our best to get back to everyone).

25. I cannot play any tracks in Internet Explorer?
Our player is compatible with the following browsers: Edge, Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera. Due to Internet explorer having been made redundant 4 years ago.

26. I've just played a track but forgot to download, how do I see my last played tracks?
Click on account at the top right, then played history.

27. Why have I been charged after I cancelled my subscription?
This is typically because you have an outstanding payment due from the previous/current month. Our automated system will retry failed payments for up to 30 days after the initial invoice was created. Once you cancel your subscription, you will still have full access to the site until the end of your current billing period. When you also cancel you will receive a cancellation email as long as you completed the full cancellation process.

28. How do I find my subscription email?
If you go to your email account and search “themashup confirmation” you will find it that way.

29. Do tracks downloaded from the site work on my Dj software?
Yes. You can use the tracks downloaded on all major Dj software including. Serato, Rekordbox, Traktor & Virtual DJ.

30. How do I find new tracks?
Click on the magnifying glass in the menu at the top right of the website, go to advanced search and select the ‘New’ checkbox then click Search. This will show you all new recently uploaded tracks (New Tracks are highlighted with an Orange or Blue button next to the name of the track).

31. Why do some tracks take a while to play?
We use full length 320kps tracks for our customers with full wavform which can take longer to load. We are always working on ways to improve the player.

32. What Are Weekend Essentials?
Weekend Essentials are remixes and edits that are hand picked by Producers/DJs that are being played in their sets. These could be hot new bangers or classic floor fillers. Best of all the Weekend Essentials will not come off your download count. (Although it does show as coming off your counter it will go back on when you refresh a page.)

33. I need help to locate my subscription email so I can stop my account.
Go to Account then click the chat bubble in the bottom right hand corner. Then select “Paid Member” then “Cancel Account” all the details are there.

34. Paid in the last 30 days yet I don't have access.
Last months payment may of be late which would of resulted in a payment being taken at a later date.

35. Can I download on to my mobile phone?
Themashup website is best experienced and was designed for a Computer or laptop. On some Apple IPhones/iPad and android phones the ability to download is available. This can be done by turning your phone into landscape mode and clicking the download arrow. Please be aware that we can not support all mobile phones at this time and will be based on which iOS is being used.

36. How do I update payment information?
You can update your payment information by going to payment history in your account. If you experience issues please contact the team and they will assist where possible.

37. What happens if I have late payments?
Late payments mean that for the month the payment is late you will have reduced access. Also you can lose you benefits such has access to a lot of the remix folders. Please keep your payments up to date.